Checking in!

I’ve been MIA for a while from this page and just wanted to check in and say I’m still here! Contrary to the behavior of disappearing, I’ve not gotten sicker. I was improving gradually (I consider this extended recovery from giant crash from this spring), with some ups and downs. And today is the first time in ages that I feel good!

My definition of “good” now is certainly not the same as when I was healthier, or even earlier this spring, but to give you an idea, during summer, writing anything for this blog was pushing my limit and I had to deal with consequences. Today, I’ve been using my laptop for a couple of hours working on stuff and it’s not having me reach for anti-nausea medicine. That can change any moment, but the fact that I’ve managed these many brain-powered hours is impressive for me.

I have several posts that I was working on, and if I have more good days, I will get back to them. The first one would be about the reasoning behind quiet months despite gradual improvement (short spoiler: so that I would have more improvement).

I am feeling that my battery is starting to run low, so I’m going to wrap up short here, but I think it’d be very telling for me if I can get through next couple of weeks without any relapse. I already came unscathed from one yesterday. I would have survived multiple doctors appointments over two weeks and upcoming dooms-day brought to me by pharmacy, doctor’s office, and health insurance (it’s the reason I wasted my rare good day instead of being more productive). Though, I certain wouldn’t mind if I can omit the dooms-day stuff among my feats because someone  fixes it before the weekend.