May 12

Today is May 12, the International Awareness Day for ME. Exactly one year ago today: 

I opened up to the world about my chronic illness by participating in #ChronicLife Twitter bomb. My husband was defending his thesis, so I marched out of our apartment sporting a blue shirt (awareness color for ME for May 12) with help of my rollator (walker with wheels) that I was increasingly relying on. And it was the last day for a very long time that I went out. I couldn’t handle going out to celebrate my husband’s successful Ph.D. defense after being out of the bed for two hours, so I gave him a rain check. He still hasn’t been able to cash it in. 

I became much sicker than I ever imagined over the next couple of weeks. I’ve gotten better since, but I still haven’t regained what I lost over the short month of May, 2015. 

Thanks to my recent relapse, I couldn’t prepare a proper blog post, but I wanted to write something here today. I was working hard on Light Up the Night Campaign for May 12 in the U.S., and I’m pretty bummed that I relapsed just when I wanted to pump out more contents for the campaign. I lack the persistence and perseverance to work through the worst unlike many of advocates (blame it on my ADHD!), but this is my shout out that I’m still here as a part of the community!