My name is Marina, and I have been living with chronic illnesses most my life but I never let my illness get in my way. That is until I got sick with M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis), and my life turned upside down since. My M.E. developed following mono  in spring of 2012 , and it has been worsening over time.

Now I am house-bound except for doctors’ appointments, but I still want to be an active part of the world. We don’t know what causes M.E., although involvement of immune system and cellular metabolism have been shown, and there is a strong association with infections, especially Herpes family virus. Citations will be coming sometime, but I’m too tired at the moment……doh!

Update on June 5th, 2015:
I had a rapid down turn to my health since I created this blog mid-May. Over a couple of weeks, my M.E. has gotten severe enough to make me bed-bound 24/7 (well, except when I’m dragged onto a reclining wheelchair to see a doctor). I can still stay connected to the world with my phone most of the time, but there are times that I am too weak to slide my finger or tap on the screen, which leaves me lying down with nothing much to do. Speaking has become more challenging and I am such a talker, so it seems I’ve compensated by writing long posts and messages. (Ironic that I find it difficult to read anything that is too long because of M.E.!) 

I am a proud alumnae of Brown University, class of 2010 with Sc.B. in Geology-Physics/Mathematics with Honors (geophysics). I am currently on medical leave from Ph.D. program in Geophysics at Stanford University.

Everything on this site is my own opinion, and should not be taken as medical advice. I may sound convincing/convinced at times about health-related issues/comments, but that’s just how I talk, so please remember I am not a physician.


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