My M.E. Story

I’ve been sick with M.E. for past three years and it has transformed my life completely. We don’t know what’s causing M.E. and the disease itself is poorly understood.

M.E. is one of the most underfunded disease for research by NIH. So we are now turning to the power of public to help us understand this debilitating disease.

For #chilliMEchallenge, I have nominated people to record the video of them eating some HOT peppers, with all the aftermath of the BURN to raise awareness of M.E. It is not safe for me to eat spicy food (I can barely eat any food), so instead I created “My M.E. Story” for you to watch.

If you want to watch some hilarious, touching, or impressive videos of people eating spicy peppers or hot sauces, please follow the hash tag or visit the official Chilli M.E. Challenge Facebook page.

I noticed that I don’t sound clear in the video, and Steve pointed out my eyes (and cats….) were distracting, and it’s due to my M.E symptoms. It may look like a poor quality video, but it took a lot of effort for me to create it, especially as I’m going through a flare up at the moment.

Please consider making donations even if you are not participating in the challenge. It will mean a lot to millions of patients and their loved ones.

My preferred donations are:

For more information on the campaign, please visit:

Links to my videos:  (Full 10 minutes)  (Cut version)

For donations:

GoFundMe for Chilli M.E. Challenge
End ME/CFS Project @ Open Medicine Foundation
CFS Research Center @ Stanford

For UK: Invest in ME


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