Message to fellow Brown ’10

Dear fellow Brunonians,

Due to my illness with M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis), I cannot attend our 5th reunion this year. ME/CFS is a neuroimmune disease with a wide range of symptoms, not just fatigue. I am now housebound and unable to travel anymore.

For more information on ME/CFS please visit:

M.E. affects the lives of millions of Americans, but it is severely underfunded by NIH, with annual funding of $5 million, compared to other diseases like SLE (lupus) or MS (multiple sclerosis), both of which receive about $100 million annually (source). 

We, patients with ME, need your help. Please participate in ‪#‎chilliMEchallenge‬ so that one day, I can join you at our reunion on College Hill.

For more info on the campaign, please visit the official website:

You can watch my personal My M.E. Story for #chilliMEchallenge in this blog.

You can watch collection of some other participants from the official Chilli M.E. Challenge page on Facebook.

Thank you!

Please watch my video message to you:

For donations:

GoFundMe for Chilli M.E. Challenge
End ME/CFS Project @ Open Medicine Foundation
CFS Research Center @ Stanford

For UK: Invest in ME


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